Home Remedies: Baking Soda for Whiter Teeth

Regular dental care is, of course, the nuts and bolts of beautiful white teeth. However, nowadays there are other means and ways to whiten your teeth and get a bright white smile.

An alternate to the toothpastes on the market is the old home remedy of baking soda. Brushing your teeth with baking soda will help to lighten your smile.

Brush Your Teeth with Baking Soda

Procedure: First you wet your toothbrush with some water and then dip the toothbrush into the baking soda. You should make sure that all bristles are completely covered with the white powder.

Now, you brush your teeth for two minutes and spit out excess baking soda in between and rinse your mouth thoroughly with clean water.

If you do not like the taste of baking soda, you can rinse your mouth after brushing with some mouthwash.

Don’t smoke cigarettes. Smoking can increase the amount of tartar and plaque on your teeth. It may also discolor them. Cigarettes also can boost the possibilities of getting oral cancer and gum disease. Stop smoking to make sure that there is the healthiest teeth and gums. Cigarettes could also make you teeth weak and if you have an accident you might need some expensive emergency dentistry that will cost you a lot of money! Prevention is the best medicine as they say!

In many cases, bad breath can be explained by the fact that plaque or food particles are located in the spaces between the teeth. This allows bacteria to colonize the mouth and is the main cause of bad breath, an ideal nesting site.

Alternatively, you can dip your toothbrush in baking soda; hydrogen peroxide to clean your teeth and tongue that could kill all bacteria present.

Baking soda is effective for stains from tea, coffee, wine or nicotine but certainly on a once or twice a week basis only and reduce to once a week once teeth are looking better.

You should not regularly whiten your teeth with baking powder, because the powder can be harmful to your tooth enamel. It is, however, safe to use once every 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, there are many toothpaste brands that contain only small amounts of aggressive abrasives. You should use these toothpastesspecifically if you suffer from sensitive teeth.

Baking soda should not be used when wearing braces as the powder can dissolve the glue from which the braces are brandedto the teeth under certain circumstances.

Basically, it is recommended not to press too much when brushing your teeth with the baking powder on the teeth as this will damage the enamel.

Be Careful When Brushing Teeth with Baking Soda

The home remedy of baking soda to a certain extent act as abrasives, through the teeth can be whitened.

Baking soda is now regularly used for dental care, teeth may then appear brighter perhaps, but at the same time are also noticeably roughened.

This means in practice that they are vulnerable to new discolorations. Thus, in the long run exactly the opposite effect of what is desired occur, namely that the enamel is ruined and it comes to unsightly tooth discoloration.

Brush your tooth with baking soda is perhaps a way to get the teeth whiter then stop using it at all. However, if you look at the unwanted side effects, it is likely not advisable to brush your teeth with baking soda.